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Back pain is a major cause of sickness absence from work. Nationally it is estimated that there are around half a million people with some form of back complaint caused by work. (Health and Safety Executive)

A report by Backcare, the Forum of Private Business and the TUC suggested that back pain is a problem for almost two thirds (63%) of small businesses. They found one in five people working in small firms had back strain. The average small firm was said to be losing 22 days of work a year from back strain.

Norwich Union Healthcare published (in 2001) a study showing the average employee is off work sick for almost 7 days each year.
The study found the:
  • direct costs of sickness absences are best estimated as being £534 per employee per year;
  • indirect costs of sickness absences are estimated to be twice the direct costs, ie £1070 per employee per year.
  • total cost per employee per year of sickness is approx £1600 - typically around 9% of payroll costs.

A desk of the wrong height can cause poor posture and lead to back, neck, shoulder and RSI (repetitive strain injury). 

The Height Matters Desk Raisers if fitted correctly are the quickest and most efficient way to raise the height of an office desk safely.

Desk Raiser
Desk Raiser

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