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WHY USE DESK RAISERS? Desk Raisers are an inexpensive alternative to custom-made desks and unlike raiser blocks (where the desk is balanced on the product) Height Matters Desk Raisers attach to the desk leg. The Desk Raiser units fit securely to the desk legs with no need for tools and their adjustability gives the user the option to raise a standard desk from anywhere between 35mm and 115mm.

The our Desk Raisers grip the leg of the desk so it is important that the desk legs have flat sides so the desk raisers can gript them securely. They are also not suitable for desks that have fitted units such as draws that go to the floor, as these will prevent the desk raiser being attached to the leg of the desk.

The Height Matters Desk Raisers are safety tested to support static load of 230kg, although office desks are not generally designed to with stand loads greater than 150kg.  There unique design and robust build make the Height Matters Desk Raisers the safest on the market.

The Desk Raisers come in packs of 4 as this is the normal number of feet on a standard office desk however some desks do have 5 feet. If you are purchasing Desk Raisers for a desk that has 5 feet please contact us and we can arrange for additional desk raisers to be included in your order.
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